Grades: K-5
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If Winning Isn't Everything, Why Do I Hate to Lose?

By: Bryan Smith

Kelsey's a typical fourth-grader. She likes to hang out with her friends, play games, and do all the standard stuff. But there's one thing about Kelsey that really gets her into trouble - she HATES to lose! So much so that she is not afraid to cheat, throw a tantrum, or just act like a poor sport! And not only is she a sore loser, she's a terrible winner!

When Kelsey's poor sportsmanship - or "SportsGirlShip," as she likes to call it - causes her basketball team to lose a close game, makes her siblings refuse to play with her, and has her friends looking at her differently, she soon realizes she needs to change her ways.

Fortunately, Kelsey's coach and mom are there to teach her the importance of being a good sport, and winning and losing with class. Kelsey learns that practicing good "sportsgirlship" can help her have more fun playing any game, whether she's winning or losing!

Whether kids experience winning or losing, such situations offer great opportunities for parents and educators to use the tips included at the end of the story.

ISBN: 9781934490853
Page Count: 32

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