Grades: K thru 5
Item Code: MMSTAR


Meaningful Mentoring Program Starter Kit (Child)

By: Robert & Susan Bowman

Finally! Here is a resource that provides you with everything you will need to effectively start or strengthen a mentoring program for young people. In this long-awaited comprehensive program. Co-Pilots are mentors who help young people the Pilots to learn to take off and soar to new heights in their lives.

The Co-Piloting Leader's Guide comes in a binder kit and provides everything you need to set up and sustain an effective mentoring program with young people.
The Co-Piloting Leader's Guide contains:

  1. The keys to successful mentoring programs.
  2. Helpful hints for presenting the mentor training lessons in the handbooks.
  3. Useful strategies for selecting and matching Co-Pilots and Pilots.
  4. Ideas for conducting the program with different populations in a variety of settings.
  5. A series of reproducible program forms.
  6. Color overhead transparencies for support building and training.
  7. Invitational color flyers for soliciting volunteers
  8. And more!

Becoming a Co-Pilot Handbooks are for mentors. Two versions are available one for mentors of children (K-5) and the other for mentors of adolescents (6-12). These handbooks are invaluable resources for mentors whether they are older students school staff members or community volunteers Both versions of the handbook contain the hints considerations strategies and skills all mentors should have before they begin working with their mentees.

Each handbook also provides a series of Life-Skill Lessons featuring useful activities that Pilots and Co-Pilots can work through together. Topics vary between the two versions of the handbook.

The Starter Kit Includes: 1 Co-Piloting Leader's Guide PLUS 12 Meaningful Mentoring Handbooks K-5


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