Self-Esteem / Inspirational Guidance
All Grade Levels
Got Grit? Lesson Guide

Helping Young People Discover, Value and Build Personal Grit

Grades 3-8

Changing Young Lives One Story at a Time

These stories and activities can be read and discussed with students at school or home to strengthen their personal character.

Grades 3 thru 12

Got Grit? - 2nd Edition

Why You Need It, How You Get It and How You Pass It On to Young People

Grades K thru 12

Redemption Approach

This resource provides a fresh approach to managing and helping students who are resistant or non-responsive to more traditional forms of discipline in schools.

Grades 6 thru 12

Superheroes Unmasked

This is a student-focused program teaching emotional awareness and coping skills as they relate to self-esteem, team-building, bullying and leadership.

Grades 2 thru 6

The Pursuit of Happiness

This book provides specific strategies insights and hints that can be used to help young people increase their level of happiness.

Grades 5 thru 12

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