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Girl Grudges

By: Cheryl Dellasega and Shileste Overton-Morris

Some girls may find it extremely difficult to forgive and forget when relationship hurts are deep and friendships fractured. Our country has witnessed too many extreme examples of inner conflicts that begin in childhood and explode into violence years later. Girl Grudges: Learning How to Forgive and Live is written by two experts with many years of experience helping address deep-seated conflicts that cause ongoing pain for all involved.

This book offers a variety of experiential and educational activities to help girls in middle and high school either one-on-one or in groups. It is based on the ERA model (Educate Relate and Integrate) that first exposes girls to new information then helps them apply this to their own situations and finally encourages internalization of healthier relationship alternatives.

Section One (Educate) helps girls learn:

  1. What is a grudge?
  2. Why are grudges so hurtful?
  3. How do girls engage in grudges?
  4. Where does grudge-like behavior originate?

Section Two (Relate) encourages girls to begin to understand:

  1. What role they may have played in grudges past and present
  2. The personal impact of grudges
  3. How grudges effect physical and emotional health
  4. Their own beliefs and values about grudges

Section Three (Integrate) helps girls to:

  1. Select from a menu of behaviors that can resolve or avoid grudges
  2. Create an anti-grudge action plan
  3. Consider the power of forgiveness
  4. Choose to lose their grudge
ISBN: 9781598500332
Size: 8.5 x 11
Page Count: 72

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