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SMART Guidance Stories Wha-Cha-Wanna-Do?

By: David Young

This "SMART Guidance Story Interactive" program includes three separate choice-infused stories that each present a moral dilemma which has literally hundreds of ways the story can play out. Each story can be read and worked-through by individual students using a computer, or in small groups or classrooms using a SMART board. While reading a story, students are presented choices along the way. After making each choice, the story will continue based on that decision. Thus, each story can proceed in multiple directions depending on the choices the readers make. By working through a story repeatedly while making different choices, students can explore probable consequences from many good and bad choices.

Illustrations, animations and sound effects are included to enhance each story.

Story 1: Spray Paint... A Peer Pressure Problem

Story 2: Copy of the Test... A Cheating Problem

Story 3: Sticky Fingers... A Shoplifting Story

ISBN: 9781598502480
Page Count: 1.0


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