Grades: 2 thru 6
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Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control Animated Storybook and Interactive Lessons

By: Lori Ann Copeland

Click here to view a demo of the Use the Right Button Lesson.

These ready-to-use, fun, interactive lessons will teach kids in grades 2-6 the impulse control and self-regulation skills they need to be more successful in school and day-to-day life.

Students will love these animated game-like lessons with narration & sound effects. This program will help students to practice using the "Amazing Remote Control" buttons in different situations. It is designed to help students become even more empowered with Hunter's insights and develop essential skills for improving self-control.


  • Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control animated storybook narrated in English and in Spanish.
  • 6 Interactive Lessons (animated and narrated):
    • Change your Brain Channel (Channel Changer button): Players identify and remove distractions then use the channel changer button to refocus.
    • A Trip to the Zoo (Pause & Fast Forward buttons): Players improve decision-making skills by using the "Pause" and "Fast Forward" buttons.
    • The Cave of "Shoulds" (Rewind button): Players escape the cave by changing each "Should" into a plan for future success.
    • ZAP Away Negativity (ZAP button): Players use the "Zap" button to eliminate destructive negative thinking patterns.
    • The Helpful Coach (Coach button): Players select strategies for managing common situations and learn to avoid the "bad coaching" that can interfere with success.
    • Use the Right Button! (practice using all the buttons): Players match "problem cards" then choose the appropriate button on the amazing remote control to address the situation.

Now children can create their very own Amazing Remote Controls! The remote control serves as a great visual to remember the buttons and skills that Hunter teaches to become more successful.

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30 or more: $4.95/each

DIY-Amazing Remote Control Wall Display Now Available
Use this 3 foot wall display of the remote control buttons (with strategy descriptions) to visually reinforce the self-control skills taught in Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control.

ISBN: 9781598502121

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