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Julia Morphs Poster - Just Be... ME


Julia Morphs Poster - I Can Do Anything!


Julia Morphs and Learns to Accept Herself
By: Rosalinde Block
Julia is not happy with her looks. Her friend Abena the rabbit is thin and does great in ballet. Julia thinks she would be better off if she was thin and small like her friend. She sits in front of her wishing mirror one night and wishes so hard that she could look more like her friend. That night the wishing fairy does his magic and Julia morphs! The next day she looks very different and is excited to show everyone her new look. But she soon learns that her new “look” has some unexpected disadvantages. Abena reminds Julia of all the things she could do so well before her change. Julia then realizes she liked her old self better. The important thing is to be happy with yourself and not compare your looks with others.
Our culture is focused so much on body image. Julia’s story can help all young girls who don’t accept how they look to see their real beauty and appreciate their uniqueness.  Julia speaks to kids who are anxious about being “different,” to recognize the unique, real beauty that is within them.  
Posters are available for download when you purchase the book or you can opt to purchase hardcopies of each poster printed full-color on 11" x 17" cardstock.

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