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ISBN: 9781598501964

Grade Levels: K thru 6

Program on CD Version: 1.0

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SMART Guidance - The Amazing Empathy Engineers
By: Will Moody
Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for an incredible adventure with the Amazing Empathy Engineers!  Jen, Jack, Ria, and Randy are always on the move – helping kids everywhere build essential empathy and compassion skills that will help them experience greater happiness for themselves and others; develop better and more fulfilling friendships; and lead a healthier lifestyle.  
Our most advanced Smart Guidance product to date, highly interactive games, and a multicultural, global context will dazzle and engage your students as they learn:
What is empathy
The difference between empathy and compassion
How to “read” situations and the emotions of others
What it’s like to stand in someone else’s shoes
How to demonstrate compassion to people and animals
How to encourage others through strength coaching
How empathy can help combat bullying
How empathy can help us solve conflicts and problems – peacefully
How empathy can help us celebrate and embrace diversity
In 10 interactive lessons designed for computers, laptops, and interactive whiteboards, the Empathy Engineers will meet kids from all walks of life and help them develop the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and skills that lead to empathy and compassion.  
Be sure to check out the Empathy Engineering Laboratory that includes many of the games and interactive activities from the 10 lessons. From this lab, you can use these as stand-alone activities for a quick review or in conjunction with other lessons, programs, and curricula.

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