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Put-Ups (not Put-Downs!) Thumball

Players practice giving personal affirmations and acting with kindness in order to uplift others.

Acting Out

60 Amazing Role Play Cards that Explore Solutions to Critical Teen Issues

Reversing Suspension with CD
Tools for Implementing Innovative Alternatives to Home Suspension

Teen Issues Thumball

Players read and respond to prompts about teen challenges.

Evidence-Based Insights and Activities for Teaching Kids Impulse Control with CD

More Skill-Building Lessons Covering the 4 Dimensions of Impulsivity

Princess Priscilla and the Great Beezilla!

A Story About Acceptance and Belonging

School Success Thumball

School Success Thumball™ players read and respond to prompts around the meaning and importance of being successful in school and life.

Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control PLUS The Amazing Remote Control Self-Regulation Program

Best-selling book, Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control has been revised and expanded into a full-color, illustrated storybook and separate program guide - Purchase them together and S

SMART Guidance: Mind Your Mindset

Introduce your students to the concept of MINDSET as well as the two basic kinds of mindsets in these fast-paced, highly interactive lessons.

Group Starter Thumball

Players read and respond to prompts that will help them "break the ice" and get to know one another better.

Helping Preschool-Age Children Learn Self-Regulation

Curriculum Guide - Lessons, Activities, Songs and Games Designed to Give Children the Skills They Need to Succeed for the Rest of Their Lives

A Fantastic Resource for

Katie Kangaroo and Her Awesome Career Adventure

Interactive Program
Featuring Careers from the US Dept of Education's 16 Career Clusters

SMART Guidance - The Amazing Empathy Engineers

Helping Children Build Essential Empathy and Compassion Skills

How to Put a Bully Out of Business Lesson Guide with CD

20 Lessons and CD with Reproducible Handouts and Posters

Next Steps to Social Success

Learning the Skills for Continuing, Enhancing and Dealing with Challenges for Social Success

Good Choices or Bad Choices and How to Know the Difference with CD

Teaching Kids How to Stop and Think Before They Act

Anger Management Thumball

Players read and respond to prompts about how to gain insights about different types of anger, and increase anger control skills.

The World Is My Playground - What Should I Be?

A Story to Explore Career Opportunities

Girls Unlimited Curriculum

Six Life-Changing Lessons for Middle School Girls

Mindfulness Thumball

Players read and respond to prompts about mindfulness.

Cyman Learns Cyber Smarts and Dangers Supplementary Lesson Guide with CD

Helping You Create a Vital and Necessary Digital Consciousness in Students

What Could You Do? DVD
Real-Life Situations Faced by Middle School Students
Volume 1 includes 20 video scenarios on the topics of conflict resolution, emotions, respect and self-control

Helping Preschool-Age Children Learn Self-Regulation Curriculum Guide PLUS Companion Kit

Highly Anticipated Resource to Teach Self-Regulation Skills to Preschool and Kindergarten-Age Children
Everything You Need for 10 Students

Miguel: A Deportation Story

This story addresses the fear and anxiety experienced by children of undocumented immigrant parents

How Frederick Found His Light

The story of Frederick gives us all hope that even at our  lowest point—if we look hard enough, we will find the light of our true, joyful self within us.

Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control Interactive Lessons CD

Ready-to-Use, Fun, Interactive Lessons PLUS Animated Storybook

Trusty Becomes an Upstander Activity Guide w/ CD

Trusty Becomes an Upstander Activity Guide contains six lessons, activities (many that meet the Common Core Standards), reproducible worksheets, posters, bookmarks and an unforgettable, shining,

Squirmy Learns to be Mindful

This book teaches children basic insights and strategies that will help them become more mindful, present, focused, relaxed and grateful. 

Test Buster Thumball

Players read and respond to prompts about how to improve their test taking attitudes and skills.

Emoji Feelings Thumball

With this ball, players learn about emotions and develop their feeling word vocabularies.

How Do I Stand In Your Shoes Lesson Guide

20 Lessons and Activities to Teach Empathy

The Drama Llama Activity Guide

12 Essential Lessons on Drama & Friendship

Got Grit? Lesson Guide

Helping Young People Discover, Value and Build Personal Grit

Ned's Journey Through Grief - Storybook on CD

A Recovery Story of a Very Sad Little Girl and Her Teddy Bear, Ned
Donated and Used by the Sandy Hook School Survivors

The Amazing Remote Control Self-Regulation Program (Leader's Guide)

50 Lessons, Activities & Tips for Helping Young People Learn Self-Control Skills and Build Healthy Resilient Identity
Companion Guide to Hunter and His Amazing Remote Con

Team Building Thumball

Team Building Thumball™ players read and respond to prompts around the me

Self-Worth: Believe and You Will Achieve DVD

Building Interpersonal Skills that Last a Lifetime

Image-Based Life Lessons

50 Dazzling PowerPoint™ Presentations to Promote Social, Emotional and Career Development

Resiliency Thumball

3 Ways to Play - Tell about something you did, something helpful you could do, or where you could go for help if you were in the situation described. This is a fun way to e

It's Not Drama, It's My Life

A Story of Middle School Survival. Mine and Yours.

Julia Morphs and Learns to Accept Herself

A Story About Confidence, Self-Acceptance and Self-Esteem - WINNER OF THE MOM'S CHOICE AWARD

Catch a Career Thumball

4 Ways to Play that cover the 16 career clusters developed by the US Department of Education

DIY - Amazing Remote Control Kit

Create Your Own Amazing Remote Control! Quantity Pricing Available

Hugo Learns to Trust Again with CD

A Story About Overcoming Trauma

I love your books.The lessons and the worksheets fit very well with my teaching style. Thank you.
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