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Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation with CD

Lessons, Activities and Worksheets for Teaching the Essentials of Responsible Decision-Making and Self-Control for TEENS!

The School with No Rules

Calvin is in for a big surprise when his wish -- SCHOOL WITH NO RULES -- is granted! - WINNER OF THE MOM'S CHOICE AWARD! 

Sunny Shifts His Brain

Teaching Children How to Use Their Brain to Change Their Behavior

Announcing... Goal of the Week

A Year-Long Program that Includes Weekly Goals, Daily Announcements and Teacher-Led Mini-Lessons

SMART Guidance: Teaching Self-Regulation to Children Through Interactive Lessons

Unique Interactive Lessons Designed for Use on Windows and MAC-Based Workstations and Digital Whiteboards such as SMART Boards and Promethean Boards.

STEP UP to Better Grades (with CD)

Helping Children Develop Essential Study Habits & Skills -- from ASCA's 2014 School Counselor of the Year, Robin Zorn

Sunny's Time to Tell

A Book about Tattling, Telling and Personal Safety

Thrive in the Hive with CD

Surviving the Girl's World of Good and Bad Relationship Bee-haviors

Princess Priscilla and the Bully-Bee Day

This adorable tale of Princess Priscilla will teach children that a friendly attitude is important for making and keeping friends. - WINNER OF THE MOM'S CHOICE AWARD! 

The Drama Llama Interactive Lessons CD

Teach Children About Friendship with Engaging, Interactive Lessons and Printable Posters

Give 'Em Five: A Five Step Approach to Handling Challenging Moments with Children

30 Case Examples of Challenging Moments and Specific Recommendations for Handling Different Situations with Students Who Are Attention-Seeking, Manipulative, Apathetic or Hostile

Black Girl Blues

Small Group Sessions, Activities and Discussions to Combat Intra-Racial Bullying

SMART Guidance Multi-Topic Lessons: VOLUME 2

VOLUME 2 of our very popular "SMART" Guidance Multi-Topic Lessons. Students will be engaged for learning with these fun, interactive lessons that can be used on any digital white board such as SMART Boards™ or Promethean Boards™ or on any computer.

Mind Designs

Encouraging Self-Disclosure in Children and Adolescents Through Coloring Therapy

Give 'Em Five: A Five Step Approach for Handling Challenging Moments with Adolescents

30 Case Examples of Challenging Moments and Specific Recommendations for Handling Different Situations with Students Who Are Attention-Seeking, Manipulative, Apathetic or Hostile

Cyman Learns Gaming Smarts and Dangers

Cyman Teaches Children Guidelines to Safely and Responsibly Enjoy the World of Online Gaming

Social Circles

Social Skills Card Deck Includes Role Plays, Scenarios, Challenges, Reflections & More

Teaching Career Essentials

Helping Children Learn Critical Insights & Skills

The Inner-Beauty Secret
Shhh…this book is for a group of kids who know the true meaning of being beautiful. Do you want to know the secret?

The Bucket Squad

Teaching Children Kindness, Appreciation and Positive Behavior Through Bucket Filling
Foreword by: Carol McCloud, Author of "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" 

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