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Cyman Learns Gaming Smarts and Dangers

Cyman Teaches Children Guidelines to Safely and Responsibly Enjoy the World of Online Gaming
Paperback and eBook Edition Available

Create-It Counseling

Have you ever wondered how to make counseling more unforgettable for your students? 

Girls Unlimited Curriculum

Six Life-Changing Lessons for Middle School Girls

Squirmy Learns to be Mindful

This book teaches children basic insights and strategies that will help them become more mindful, present, focused, relaxed and grateful. 

Operation: Breaking the Middle School Code

This third book in a series of skill-based guidance instruction materials focuses on the successful transition from elementary to middle school that all students want to achieve. 

Self-Control Thumball

Players are encouraged to discuss self-control and how to use it in social and emotional situations.

Princess Priscilla and the Mood Ring Rainbow

A story that encourages self-awareness and self-management for children

Catch a Career Thumball

4 Ways to Play that cover the 16 career clusters developed by the US Department of Education

Trusty Becomes an UpSTANDER

Trusty learns firsthand what it feels like to be teased, when a couple of “bad-mannered” sea turtles start calling him "Slow Poke Stubby."

Inner-Beauty Thumball

Players are encouraged to discuss the meaning and importance of recognizing inner-beauty in oneself and others.

SMART Guidance: Teaching APPROPRIATE POSITIVE BEHAVIORS to Children Through Interactive Lessons

Calling all kids!  Calling all kids!  ALERT! An APB has just been released and an investigation is underway into the use of inappropriate and negative behaviors that are robbing the citizens of Pleasant Town of success. Join Officer Behavior and the citizens of Pleasant Town to stop Behavior Crook and learn APPROPRIATE POSITIVE BEHAVIORS while earning your Behavior Detective Badge!

What Could You Do? DVD

Real-Life Situations Faced by Middle School Students

Volume 1 includes 20 video scenarios on the topics of bullying, being successful in school, making and keeping friends and drama.

The School with No Rules

Calvin is in for a big surprise when his wish -- SCHOOL WITH NO RULES -- is granted! - WINNER OF THE MOM'S CHOICE AWARD! 

Team Building Thumball

Team Building Thumball™ players read and respond to prompts around the meaning and importance of working together as a team.

The Inner-Beauty Secret Interactive Lessons CD

Animated Storybook and 5 Interactive Lessons for Digital White Boards and Computers

First Steps to Social Success

It is critically important that children learn fundamental social skills during their elementary school years.


Brad Interactive Lessons CD

These wonderful, supplementary, interactive mini-lessons can be used on any digital white board such as “SMART” Board™ or Promethean Board™ or on a computer. The animated storybook and posters included on CD are in both English AND Spanish!

The Legend of the Regulators and the SECRET List

The Legend of the Regulators and the SECRET List introduces children to the concepts of healthy Self-Regulation. Supporting the theme of self-discovery, the artistic images in this book contain hidden pictures.

School Success Thumball

School Success Thumball™ players read and respond to prompts around the meaning and importance of being successful in school and life.

Empower a Child, Change a Life

Previously titled, How Not to be a Bully Target, this revised program helps targets of bullying behavior to appreciate and tap into their own inner-strengths.

Why Do I Hurt Myself?

 This book provides a first-of-its-kind, story-based tool for helping these young people who engage in self-injuring behaviors.

Resiliency Thumball

3 Ways to Play - Tell about something you did, something helpful you could do, or where you could go for help if you were in the situation described. This is a fun way to encourage discussion on how to bounce back when things go wrong and to empathize with others.

Counseling with Color

Counseling With Color is a tool that can be used to help children discover, share and explore their inner worlds. 

Teaching Career Essentials (with CD)

Helping Children Learn Critical Insights & Skills
More than 60 Learning Activities on Career Exploration, Work Ethic, Self-Control, Teamwork and Organization

Trusty Becomes and Upstander Activity Guide w/ CD

Trusty Becomes an Upstander Activity Guide contains six lessons, activities (many that meet the Common Core Standards), reproducible worksheets, posters, bookmarks and an unforgettable, shining, fun time!

Sunny Shifts His Brain

Teaching Children How to Use Their Brain to Change Their Behavior

Its Not Drama - Its My Life

A Story of Middle School Survival. Mine and Yours.


A Journey to Leadership, Development, Empowerment, and Drama Reduction for Girls

Princess Priscilla and the Bully-Bee Day

This adorable tale of Princess Priscilla will teach children that a friendly attitude is important for making and keeping friends. - WINNER OF THE MOM'S CHOICE AWARD! 

The Inner-Beauty Secret
Shhh…this book is for a group of kids who know the true meaning of being beautiful. Do you want to know the secret?
WINNER OF THE MOM'S CHOICE AWARD!  Paperback and eBook Edition Available

How to Create a College Day

School counselors often focus on teaching career awareness, but what about the training prior to a career?

Trusty Becomes an UpSTANDER Storybook and Activity Guide (with CD) Set

SAVE when you purchase the storybook and activity guide together!

STEP UP to Better Grades (with CD)

Helping Children Develop Essential Study Habits & Skills -- from ASCA's 2014 School Counselor of the Year, Robin Zorn

Connecting Wisely in the Digital Age

Young people independently communicating with others their age is nothing new, but now that their communication is made more visible to adults though the digital world, what is the responsibility of schools, counselors, teachers, and parents in mentoring young people?

The Bucket Squad

Teaching Children Kindness, Appreciation and Positive Behavior Through Bucket Filling
Foreword by: Carol McCloud, Author of "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" 

How Frederick Found His Light

The story of Frederick gives us all hope that even at our  lowest point—if we look hard enough, we will find the light of our true, joyful self within us.

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